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EVENT: Need flexibility in your GHG soil flux measurements?

Whether field studies are performed in the Arctic or the Amazon – or anywhere in between – Gasmet’s rugged portable FTIR multi-gas analyzers provide a productive, reliable and accurate analytical tool for Climate Change related gas studies.

The Gasmet analyzers use Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology which can measure all GHGs simultaneously along with many other inorganic and organic gases from sub-ppm to high percent levels. Requiring only a zero calibration with nitrogen gas before commencing the day's testing, the portable, battery-powered Gasmet analyzers are simple to operate and run; delivering fast results which increases the number of data points and reduces deployment time.

See below what Dr. Joseph Storlien has to say about the Gasmet Greenhouse Gas Application:

Dr. Joseph Storlien, from the Texas A&M University Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, is one of the researchers in USA who has employed a portable Gasmet gas analyzer to study GHG emissions of biomass production processes. He says: “It would be futile to manufacture biofuels in an attempt to mitigate climate change if the production process created more GHGs than were saved by using biofuels instead of fossil fuels.”

Eurosoil update:

Due to the current situation and conditions in Turkey, the EUROSOIL Istanbul Organization Committee has decided not to organize the EUROSOIL 2016 Conference and Exhibition this week. The EUROSOIL 2016 will be organized later this year and the new schedule will be announced as soon as possible by the Committee.

We will inform you here when we have the new schedule of the event.